Meillä on uusia sileäkarvaisia pentuja. 16.2. Unkarista tuotu narttumme Agria After Eight synnytti kolme (2+1) hienoa pentua, joiden isä on nuori uroksemme W. Outsider.

W.Counterpart sai 20.2. kaksi pentua, joiden isä on W.Gil Grissom.
Pitkästä aikaa meille on tulossa myös karkeakarvaisia pentuja, sillä sijoitusnarttumme Hittheroad Stubby-Herb on astutettu FIN MVA V-07 Qway's Friend Arroz'illa.


We have got some new puppies. 16.2. our Hungarian import Agria After Eight got three fine white puppies, 2 dogs, one bitch. The sire is one of our youngsters W. Outsider.
Also. W. Counterpart gave birth to two big fat pups, one boy and one girl, on the 20th of February. Their sire is W. Gil Grissom.
Now we are also expecting some Wire puppies, because Hittheroad Stubby-Herb id mated to Ch Qway's Friend Arroz. Neither of them lives here, but their pedigrees go back to our dogs.